KT England

Painter / Sculptor

Location: 44

239 Elm Avenue, Keswick

I am a Canadian/American visual artist, currently based in the Keswick area. My creative work includes sculptures in marble, clay, wood and papier mache, as well as paintings and pen-and-ink drawings. I have had the opportunity to learn from great teachers at Philadelphia University of the Arts, and to apprentice with master sculptors in Italy.

I am classically trained as a figure sculptor and most enjoy working in marble, where I focus on form and my works capture my love for the human figure. Papier mache has been my main sculpting medium during the pandemic, and I have produced a wide range of pieces that offer an escape into humour, fun, and fantasy.

My paintings and drawings tend to be portraits and character studies, along with the occasional surreal landscape.

Over my career I have exhibited in many solo and group shows. My works have been acquired by clients around the world. A number of my pieces can be found in a Philadelphia park.

I need to do art all the time. I have had the good fortune to be both a practicing artist and an art teacher and Head of a high school Arts program. I also teach privately out of my studio. All these activities have kept me engaged in a life of constant learning, creating, and sharing of ideas with artists of all ages.

Medium: Sculpture in papier mache, hydrocaul and clay.

KT England