Lee Whalen


Location: 25

15 King Street, Sutton

Georgina based artist / singer songwriter Lee Whalen has been creating beautifully ornate, one of a kind jewellery since the early 80’s. Each piece of her handcrafted jewellery will often contain beads collected over decades, from vintage glass to Swarovski crystal along with semiprecious stones, silver, copper and brass. Originally from British Columbia, Lee spent a great deal of her childhood combing the shorelines of the west coast for agates and driftwood with her father Len, a west coast painter. Those rich natural earthy colours have always influenced her beadwork, creating a kind of vintage and antique look to her jewellery. Lee begins each piece with no shape in mind, but rather follows what becomes apparent as it develops. Each is made one at a time and is one of a kind. Her work has sold at the Art Gallery of Ontario and numerous private studio shows.

Medium: Beaded jewelry mixed vintage and semiprecious


Lee Whalen