Galina Nikita


Location: 40

294 The Queensway South, north entrance, Keswick

I am an impressionist painter from Moldova who lives and works in Stouffville, Canada. Ever since I was a child, I loved to paint and express myself through colours and shapes. Painting is my passion and my way of connecting with the world.

I am inspired by nature, bold colours, and the endless vastness of the universe. My paintings are a reflection of my inner world and my emotions. I use vibrant hues and expressive brushstrokes to capture the beauty and energy of life. I want to share my vision with others and invite them to free their souls through art.

I admire the impressionist painters who revolutionized art by breaking away from traditional rules and conventions. They taught me how to see light, shadow, texture, and movement in new ways. They also showed me how to paint with spontaneity, honesty, and joy.

My work is influenced by both my Moldovan heritage and my Canadian experience. I draw inspiration from the landscapes, cultures, and people of both countries. I also explore themes such as identity, belonging, diversity, and harmony.

My goal as an artist is to create paintings that evoke positive feelings in the viewers. I hope that my paintings can inspire people to appreciate the beauty of nature, celebrate their uniqueness, and embrace their creativity.

Facebook: @kri8mor


Galina Nikita