Cheryl Fulcher


Location: 35

9 Lake Drive East, Island Grove

Cheryl Fulcher’s jewelry is art in metal. Growing up on the west coast, she developed a natural attraction to the flow and balance of nature. With the influence of invention and attention to detail, she was destined for creativity. After coming to Toronto, all it took was a basic jewellery course at George Brown College to become a perpetual night class student for many years. She took a variety of courses learning various techniques such as fabricating, wax carving, lost wax casting, silversmithing, stone setting, jewelry design and repair.

In 2004, Chained Reaction came into existence. Starting from various gauges of sterling silver and copper, she hand-winds wire into links making timeless classics and captivating original designs.

Recently she has been exploring the joys of forging metal on her anvil. Through carefully placed hammer strikes, metal can be coaxed into fascinating twists and turns creating 3 dimensional pieces of art.

Medium: Handcrafted sterling silver and copper jewellery.

Instagram: @chainedreactiondesigns

Payment: Square – Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc

Apologies, not wheelchair accessible