Andrea Macleod


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11 Corners Av, Pefferlaw

Andrea MacLeod was born in St John’s, Newfoundland. Being the daughter of a Mountie, she found herself moving across Canada spending most of her childhood in rural Manitoba. Andrea grew up fascinated with animals and the human face. She could always be found with a pencil in hand, sketching and drawing portraits of friends, family, pets and various animals. Being inspired by the Policing world early on, Andrea aspired to become a Forensic Artist in hopes of sketching the faces of wanted suspects, victims of crime, and missing persons. Twenty years ago she began her journey to achieve this aspiration by joining the RCMP. She has since worked in Manitoba and Ontario, has performed general police duties, Protective Policing, and is currently working in the Forensic Identification Services Section. In the fall of 2013, Andrea finally made her dream a reality after successfully completing her Forensic Artist training at the Canadian Police College. Continuing in her fascination with the human form she decided to take up Acrylic painting as a new method to express this interest. She enrolled in an art program in Newmarket, Ontario, gaining valuable skills in a new medium. She found the vibrancy and range of colours available in acrylics better allowed her to express what she saw in people and animals —the life, emotion, endurance, conflict, challenge, fear, and vibrant joy in their faces.

Medium: I use acrylic paints to create highly defined, three-dimensional works on canvas. 

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