Tim Lavender


Location: 31

811 Sedore Avenue, Willow Beach

Lavender Wood Artistry

I have always enjoyed being creative, the excitement of bringing something to life, after having been inspired by my own experiences and interactions with the world around me. My inspiration comes from my love of nature and everything outdoors. I joined the world of carving at a young age to spend time with my father who is a second-generation carver. After many years away from carving, I returned to my craft when I met my wife Kristen, who is also an artist who encouraged and inspired me to create again. Now I find myself reconnecting with my love of the outdoors and sharing my passion with my two sons who like to join me in the studio. I may explore other subjects from time to time for fun or at the request of others, but I always come back to my first love, birds. I primarily use basswood when knife carving and tupelo when power carving or wanting to create more detailed fully textured pieces. I have recently been enjoying carving miniature 1/2 scale pieces and rustic decoy stylized shorebirds and continue to explore a variety of paint and texturing techniques. I have competed in the past at the World and Canadian championships experiencing success at both levels, now I find myself carving for the enjoyment and pleasure.

Open year round by appointment only.

Email: [email protected]