Pasit Banjongpanith

Drawing / painter

Location: 25

15 King Street, Sutton

Georgina based artist/ an aircraft and automotive industrial design by trade, Pasit Banjongpanith as a young man began pursuing his fine art talent in pencil and crayon drawings and then expand into watercolor and acrylic painting.

Pasit draws his inspirations for some of his artwork from childhood memories of the different places, diverse cultures, and particularly his urban agricultural experience in raising pet farm animals at home in the city of Savannakhet, Laos. These manifest into various subjects of his artwork including animals; Traditional Laos/Thai art; and music/dance theme paintings. In addition, the education in Western Art and Architecture that he receives in Canada also broaden his artistic techniques and styles.

Over the years Pasit has received numerous commissions for residential mural work, acrylic paintings, backdrops for musical theater production and aircraft exterior livery designs.

Medium: Colourful nature and abstract paintings in acrylic and colour pastel

Instagram: @justpasit0

Pasit Banjongpanith