Jacques Bergeron


Location: 25

15 King Street, Sutton

I was born and grew up around Quebec City, and in my early twenties, I moved to Ontario. For many years I resided in the Beaches area of Toronto and in 2019, I moved to Sutton in Georgina. My love of art manifested early, as a young man I spent all my free time drawing and painting, which eventually led me to study fine arts in high school and college in Quebec and later in Ontario.

In my artistic work, I gravitate toward landscapes, streetscapes, and figure, using pencil, acrylic, watercolour and oil. I always strive to represent the balance between light and dark and the intimate order underlying all things in nature. My latest series of paintings of the shores of the Georgian Bay illustrate this underlying geometry in nature, as well as the ephemeral nature of all things. In this series, which I call the Impermanence Series, I illustrate how the elements (wind and water) affect and create an ever-changing landscape.

I have also worked for many years as a senior designer and project manager in an architectural office. Although separate from my artistic endeavours, my work in architecture has informed and influenced my artistic expression. During economic slow-downs, I also worked painting murals, doing faux-finish and illustration work.

Instagram: @joseph.robert.jacques

Website: jbva.ca