Melinda Schnalzer


Location: 43

12 Waterbend Drive, Keswick

What catches your eye?

For Melinda, it’s light, texture and pattern. Through oil painting, she’ll share her view with you.
Noticing details in the surfaces of trees, dishes, plants, and the beauty in individual moments bring gratitude to what surrounds us every day.

Melinda is curious about the interplay between people and the places we visit, the objects we handle, and between the artist and the viewer.

Since moving to Keswick in 2020, Melinda is newly inspired by light, water and Georgina’s surroundings.
Melinda’s work has been shown through SOYRA, the Newmarket Group Of Artists and the Georgina Studio Tour. Her painting, Spring Morning Walk won the Newmarket Heritage Contest in 2016, and is part of the Town of Newmarket’s permanent collection.

Medium: Oil paintings


Melinda Schnalzer