Mary Hanson


Location: 25

15 King St, Sutton

Born and raised on a sheep farm in outback Australia, Mary Hanson came to Canada as a musician but her strength and interest in visual art led her to work as a decorative artist in film and interior design where she eventually found her niche in the traditional art of gilding. While gold leafing the ceiling of a hotel in Strasbourg France, a request to create some artwork for the walls, using materials at hand, produced an interesting and original series of landscape paintings which was well received and so began a new career which has continued to evolve over the years.

Her paintings are created with gold, silver and copper leaf and are imbued with a sense of colour unique to her upbringing in the Australian outback. These dreamlike landscapes are places of mystery and serenity – places you can never quite get to….like the feeling of a half forgotten dream. You can find Mary’s paintings at ARTA Gallery in the distillery district.

Mary Hanson