Suzanne Cotton

Stained Glass, Fused Glass, Flame Working, Lapidary & Earth Elements

82 River Street, Sutton

Glass Earth Creations Studio

The Glass Creations Studio is where Suzanne, Bill and Brett create unique pieces that combine each other’s art in one studio. 

Unique glass pieces with a difference that include cut and polished stones, fused glass, wood, and other elements from nature. The added natural, organic & reclaimed objects, glass, driftwood from Lake Simcoe, Black Walnuts, feathers, beads, to create earthy jewellery and wall pendants. The stone cutting and polishing done by Bill are used by Suzanne in her pieces.

Brett studied at Sheridan College. His different glass art pieces are in stained, fused glass and flame working.

Open year round by appointment only. Call 905-722-3148
Wheelchair accessible.