Susan Sutherland


Location: 23

40 River St, Sutton

Susan Sutherland is a textile artist living in the village of Jackson’s Point. Susan started knitting clothes for her dolls in childhood and now works beautiful patterns in silk, linen, wool and cotton.

Each of Susan’s pieces is exquisitely crafted. She combines colours and fibres to produce something beautiful, row by row. Some pieces, such as thrummed mittens, handwarmers and socks are practical and hardwearing. Her wraps and shawls range from gossamer light to wraparound warm. Hats, neck warmers and half mittens are made from a variety of premium fibres in delicious colours.

Some of Susan’s work is just for fun; miniature mice, whimsical window cats and divinely soft bunnies and kittens. Susan also creates gorgeous cabled silk and linen knits in swirling patterns and lovely colours. If you are lucky enough to own a piece of Susan’s work, it will bring you warmth and joy for a long time.