Lorraine Pharant

Textile artist

Location: 50


Mittens, cozy mittens are my passion. I love the process of finding a worn out wool sweater and rehabilitating it into wearable art. For me it is the perfect way to create a feel good shift For my customers. When I deconstruct a sweater and make it into a new and wearable cozy mittens therapy it’s good for the earth, good for me, and best of all, good for you.

A sustainable brand with no garbage, all fabrics are used or sent to a fabric recycler.

My background is in production sewing in the cottage industry of table wear. I have taken this skill and woven it into my art. So I can make efficiently and beautifully.

I have participated in other art shows, Uxbridge Art in the Park, The Purple Turtle Festival and Newmarket Group of Artists (NGA) events. I am an active member of the NGA.

Instagram: @cozymittsbylorraine

Website: cozymittsbylorraine.ca

Lorraine Pharant